Welcome to ECS.

An organization for music creators at Emory University.


ECS Chamber Connections Concert on 11/05/2022 — Doors 8:00 PM, 84 Lower Alabama St. SW.

Emory Composers’ Society is a group of student composers, music producers, performers, and appreciators working towards a more vibrant and active musical community on campus. We host events engaging members with the practice of music creation and sharing those creations with our wider community. We do not align with any particular aesthetic or historical tradition but focus on bringing new opportunities to hear new music to new audiences and spaces on Emory’s campus.

Examples of past events include:

  • Chamber Connections Concert
  • Virtual Masterclass with Dr. Adam Mirza
  • Introductory Electronic Music Production workshop
  • Guest Lecture and Discussion with Joel Thompson

Join us to be informed about upcoming ECS opportunities!